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One-stop solution for shared power bank

2022-07-01 09:39:25 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      The so-called one-stop solution is to provide different solutions according to the needs of customers. Take the shared power bank industry as an example, some customers need software systems, some customers want to join agents, and some customers want to customize OEM For OEM services, if you choose a one-stop solution for shared power bank, you can find STW, a professional provider of shared charging solutions.

      Shared power bank one-stop solution 1: personal agent joining

      Personally, if you want to make shared power bank products, you will consider the issues of initial capital investment and return cycle. Currently, STW has its own brand, which can provide desktop shared power bank and shared power bank advertising machines, shared charging cables, etc.

      Investment start-up capital: minimum 1290 yuan (one can also be an agent)

      Profit-sharing settlement ratio and settlement method: 100% profit-sharing agent's background APP settlement in seconds (how much the user pays by scanning the code, it will be immediately transferred to the agent's background APP)

      After-sales service: formal contract agreement, the company provides business cooperation agreement template, cabinet 1 year warranty, power battery charging treasure 2 years to replace the repair service

shared power bank

      Individual agents can do what they can according to their own financial strength, and they can take as many goods as they can shop. It is not recommended to overstock. In this way, there is no risk of stockpiling, and the return period is also shorter.

      Shared power bank one-stop solution 2: Enterprise customized shared power bank OEM

      If it is business operation, you can consider doing OEM OEM of shared power bank, that is, to make your own brand, which requires team operation.

      Investment start-up capital: more than 250,000

      OEM includes: product hardware cabinet and power bank, software includes OEM general background, agent background, merchant background, client applet construction and launch, maintenance

      Cycle: shared power bank domestic OEM and British, Italian OEM can be delivered within one month. Need-based technical assessment accounting cycle and costs for other countries