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Proxy Shared power bank conditions

2022-06-29 09:10:42 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Doing a project needs to think twice. If you want to do a good job in an investment project, you need to have a plan and execute it according to the plan. Only such people can succeed. Vision and self-discipline are two essential skills for entrepreneurs. Take the current trend For the sharing economy product Shared power bank, some agents can make money, while others lose money, so what is the difference between the two? What issues should I consider when acting as a Shared power bank?

Question 1 to consider when representing Shared power bank: Which brand should I choose to represent?

In 2022, the growth rate of Shared power bank will exceed 20%. For an industry, it is currently a period of stable and rapid development. In 2020, many different brands will also appear like mushrooms after a rain. Agents must keep their eyes open to prevent being caught. cheat.

The selected brand needs to consider the quality of the product, and then the unit price of the product, the profit sharing ratio, whether the merchant has a back office, the settlement method of the agent, etc. Take the current Shared power bank market as an example, some brands have low prices but poor product quality. , which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of operation in the later stage, and some brand merchants do not like the monthly income of some brands, even the merchants do not have a background, or a large part of the tax points or withdrawal fees need to be deducted for withdrawals.

For Shared power bank, it is necessary to consider the quality of the power bank, brand background, and product batteries. These are the issues that customers care about. The business background, the income is settled in seconds, and the withdrawal does not require additional deduction. This is the demand that the merchant is willing to place, and for the agent Businesses, of course, the bigger the profit sharing ratio, the better. Now there are some brands with a 100% profit sharing ratio, so it is good to choose.

Shared power bank

Question 2 to consider when acting as a Shared power bank: Acting threshold

Some Shared power bank brands have high agency thresholds, such as Three Power Bank, which recruits regional exclusive agents, pays huge agency fees, and recruits only one regional operator. Investors need to consider their own financial strength.

For some general brands, the opening is to pick up three or five hundred units, and they cannot provide prototypes for trial use. In my opinion, such brands are insincere. The blindly suppressing the product policy and the model of not giving trials shows that the company has no interest in products. There is no self-confidence, and now more people are individual investors, you need to consider the threshold for acting as a Shared power bank, and don't be too ambitious.

Question 3 to consider when acting as an agent of Shared power bank: Return on investment in the current cycle

As long as the brand of Shared power bank is reliable, it is only a matter of time for the agent to pay back the cost. The return cycle is more about the choice of merchants. Let's take an example:

If the rental rate of a store is not high, no matter how good the product is, and the customer flow is too small, the return time will be very slow.

Excellent agents will get the equipment first, and then spread the machines out. Through the big data feedback in the background, they will continuously optimize the merchants, remove those unprofitable delivery points, and continue to choose new Shared power bank delivery points. That's how to make money

Question 4 to consider when acting as an agent for Shared power bank: Post-operation maintenance and after-sales service guarantee

Good brand after-sales service is very good. If Shared power bank agents want to guarantee the rental rate, they need to deal with users' problems in a timely manner, and conduct reasonable scheduling and regular maintenance of products. After all, Shared power bank is a service nature in my opinion. The product.

To sum up, the agent of Shared power bank needs to consider the product background and make a plan based on its own situation, so as to make more money. If you don’t know how to choose a brand, you might as well try STW Shared power bank. Wei Lithium's batteries, the company is an independent operating subsidiary of Jiufang Group, products can be represented as low as 1 unit, agents and merchants are independent backends, users rent Alipay and WeChat double deposit-free, and support global OEM brand stickers Brand customization, welcome your understanding and visit our company.

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