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Shared power bank advertising machine delivery project

2022-06-29 09:03:10 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      Shared power bank plus shared advertising machine, which constitutes a new era of Shared power bank advertising machine, which can not only provide emergency charging of rental power bank, but also bring advertising revenue. Of course, some people will ask, if you do investment, How about the shared power bank advertising machine placement project?

      The Market Feasibility of the Shared Power Bank Advertising Machine Project

      There are many desktop shared power banks in some small merchants, especially in first- and second-tier cities. Some shops with good business have two or more shared power bank cabinets. Why is shared power bank so popular, because of the development of the times.

      Bow-headed people are a phenomenon of contemporary young people. They look at their mobile phones when they walk, when they eat, when they go to bed, and when they go to work to chat with customers. Live streaming platforms, short videos, and online shopping platforms are flooded with all aspects of our lives. In the case of continuous use, the battery can generally last for 5 hours. Although the fast charging technology has been greatly developed, it is only convenient to choose the Shared power bank when going out to charge. Therefore, the Shared power bank advertising machine project is adapted to the development needs of the times. of.

      Secondly, let's look at the current advertising forms. A few years ago, paper advertisements were the main form, leaflets, fixed posters, etc., but now most of them are displayed in multimedia, such as elevator advertisements, subway screen advertisements, etc. After all, advertisements should also be displayed. In terms of height, multimedia advertising machines are environmentally friendly and can be displayed at any time. LED advertising, shared advertising machines, etc. have a wide market. Shared power bank advertising machines are very good in the market, and businesses are willing to spend money to put them in, and it is difficult for some bars to settle in. Places, placing power bank advertising machines to display discounts or event information for merchants can reduce a lot of entry fees for agents.

      Return on profit of Shared power bank advertising machine placement project

      Let's take a simple bar placement case as an example. A small bar has a daily passenger flow of about 300 people. A 42-port Shared power bank advertising machine is placed. Assuming that each charging treasure is rented 2 times, each rental is 2 hours, and the charging cost For 3 yuan per hour, the merchant will share 60%

Shared power bank

      The daily profit of the agent placed by the Shared power bank advertising machine is 42*2*2*3* (1-60%) = 201.6 yuan

      The price of a Shared power bank advertising machine is about 10,000 yuan, and the return period of a single machine is within 2 months.

      In fact, this is just the charging treasure rental income of Shared power bank. Another part of the agents can collect advertising display income, and for places like bars, many set the rental unit price of more than 5 yuan, and the rental rate is far more than twice a day. , so the annualized profit of a single device is more than 500%. Even if the merchant is charged for the entrance fee, the revenue of a single power bank advertising machine is about 400%, and the profit is considerable.

      Now the power bank cabinet is not only to meet the emergency charging needs of customers, but is equivalent to an electrical appliance of the business. Placing a tall Shared power bank advertising machine can improve the level of the store, and the business is still willing to place it.

      STW is mainly engaged in desktop Shared power bank cabinets, Shared power bank advertising machines, including 14-port, 24-port and 42-port Shared power bank advertising machines. The product can be represented as low as one, and the profit is 100%. The product uses power battery charging The treasure can be used for five to ten years, and everyone is welcome to learn about it.

Shared power bank