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Shared power bank laying skills

2022-07-01 09:38:07 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      If you want to make money in an industry, you first need to understand the overall market and strengthen your confidence. Secondly, you need to spend time to understand the industry expertise, and then go to the distribution. Take the mobile phone sharing charging industry as an example, what are the shared power bank laying skills? ? Let's take a look today, learn how to make money with Shared power bank is very simple.

      Shared power bank laying skills Step 1: Find high-quality merchants

      Shared power bank can only make money when it is placed in the merchant, so for the merchant's situation, the income generated is also different.

      What kind of business is considered a high-quality business?

      1. Emergency charging places: such as hospitals, scenic spots, stations, government halls, etc.

      2. High consumption places: bars, KTV, etc.

      3. Leisure places: water clubs, coffee shops, etc.

      Through STW's general background, we can see that the same 10 machines are placed in high-quality merchants, and the single-day income can reach about 200 yuan. A good agent can pay back the capital within 2 months, but it may take 3 and a half months for a bad agent to pay back the capital.

Shared power bank

      The second step of the shared power bank laying skills: open the background for the merchants to share the profits

      Why are merchants willing to place Shared power bank?

      The promotion of Shared power bank is very simple, because it is a product that can send money to merchants, which is convenient for customers to use in emergency charging. Now, it is generally opened for merchants to give a profit sharing ratio of about 40%.

      The STW agent backstage can set the backstage profit sharing ratio of the merchant, and the merchant can follow the [STW] official account to check the details of each rental order.

      The third step of the shared power bank laying skills: adjust the charging unit price through the big data background

      After the shared power bank was laid out, many agents did not look at the income situation. Sometimes they suddenly found that a store with good income before was now having very low daily profits. At this time, it is best to go to that store to see if it is a merchant. Introduce other power bank brands, and then check whether the rental unit price of the power bank of the nearby merchants is lower, so that adjustment through big data can better grasp the market and make money.

      In addition to the laying skills of Shared power bank, we also need to be very clear about the advantages of our products, professional knowledge of the market and market conditions, so that we can provide professional and dedicated services, and merchants are satisfied with the agency to make money.