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Sharing charge station Several skills that excellent agents need to learn

2022-06-28 09:02:11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The sharing charge station is a popular trend in the current era. The products in the sharing charge station market have been developed for more than five years. The product is mature and the technology is stable. With the development of 5G, the current mainstream 30 mobile phones are tested with big data, and the power is low for 5 hours under heavy use. It is less than 30%, which means that the market for sharing charge stations is still very large, regardless of the rigid needs of mobile phone users or the market trend. Of course, if you want to be a good sharing charge station agent, you also need to learn. Today we will take a look at the sharing charge station. Several skills that excellent station agents need to learn.

Sharing charge station Excellent agent skills 1: keen market insight, choose the right brand to join

Some people think that the bigger the brand of the sharing charge station, the more money they can make. In fact, they are wrong. The bigger the brand, the higher the threshold. We often say that investment is risky. If you choose a brand of sharing charge station that is beyond your control Therefore, the return time is still far away. Excellent sharing charge station agents have keen practical insight and can choose the appropriate sharing charge station brand agent according to their actual situation, and the return on cost can also be strictly controlled. risk.

Three electric and one beast have a large market share at present, but the threshold is high, and only regional agents are recruited. Now many places have been recruited. It is a good choice to choose T2 brands such as STW, Sodian, Xidian, etc. Fast payback time and better control of project risks. Choosing a good brand is half the battle.

Sharing charge station Excellent agent skills 2: Professional skills and sufficient understanding of similar products in the market

The so-called professional has many aspects. Take the merchant as an example, tailor the brand according to the needs of the merchant, according to the customer flow of the merchant, assign the merchant a desktop power bank cabinet or a floor type power bank cabinet, and carry out the rental unit price of the power bank. Adjust the guaranteed rental rate, etc. Only professional skills can give merchants enough support, so that they will not choose other brands.

Excellent sharing charge station agents have a good understanding of similar products in the market, such as the profit distribution and settlement methods of various brands, and the advantages of products made by themselves. placed.

Excellent agent skills of sharing charge station 3: Grasp high-quality merchants and continuously develop new merchants

We encourage agents to diversify and develop merchants, first install the machines, such as milk tea shops, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, convenience stores, etc., and then through the background data, high-quality merchants and merchants sign sharing charge station merchants Agreement, bad merchants reduce the rental unit price, and if they can't, they will be withdrawn, and new merchants must be discovered all the time.

The return period of the sharing charge station is about three months. We can use the income generated by the sharing charge station to purchase goods again to develop new merchants, so that the excellent sharing charge station agents can continue to develop and continue to make profits.

Sharing charge station Excellent agent skills 4: Do a good job in after-sales service

If there is no good after-sales service, the merchant will ask to withdraw the machine and replace it with another home. Only by maintaining the merchant's customers and dealing with the problem in a timely manner can the merchant be willing to launch.

To sum up, if you want to become an excellent sharing charge station agent, you must first choose a good brand, choose more than your efforts, and secondly improve your self-ability, diligently look for better merchants, and maintain good after-sales service. To be able to keep earning.