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Smartphones and Shared Powerbanks

2022-01-14 11:29:23 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

What are smartphones?


Smartphones have become a crucial part of everyone’s daily life. And they have become so advanced, the majority of the work can be done on them easily. Presently, smartphones are the easiest way to stay connected and we'll not miss anything with them. Smartphones have replaced most of the devices, they are often used for multiple purposes including phone call, reading, entertainment, games, emails, shopping, navigation, etc.


But the only thing that we always worry is low battery. Your smartphone often runs out of battery when you need it. To avoid being stuck in such a situation, a power bank helps. However, power banks come with their own challenges.

airport mobile shared power

To fix these issues, a simple, quick and convenient solution comes out. We got a shared powerbank! But what is it? Let’s take a look!


What are shared powerbanks?


Considering the power demand is evidently very high. To fix the issue of low battery, unavailability of charging outlets, or carrying a charger everywhere,  shared powerbanks come in handy and they are super convenient to use.


It is an on-the-go shared powerbank rental service with charging stations spread over the markets.

It enables the users to easily charge their smartphones without worrying about power supply or charging outlets. It is an internet-connected vending machine that provides powerbanks to be rented by the users. The shared powerbank rental stations can be set up across various locations such as Airports, metro stations, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, hospitals, colleges, etc.

sharing power bank station

The small shared powerbank rental stations are best for pubs, bars, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and offices, the large shared powerbank rental stations are ideal for cinemas, shopping centers, railway stations, Airports, and other large venues. The shared powerbanks have three different cable types for iPhone, types-c, and micro USB smartphones.


Some features of shared powerbanks are:


Easy to Rent, Charge and Return

Can be rented easily by installing the application

Various subscription packages to choose from as per the requirements

Helps get rid of the low battery issues

Can be returned at any station

Can be charged at home as well

Comes with 3 types of cables- iPhone, type c, and micro USB

Has all the certifications and is safe to use

sharing power bank charging station