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What are the requirements for APP software development?

2022-01-13 14:31:56 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

  Before starting the APP software for rental power bank, we need to know why the rental power bank is important to us.

  Let's say we have a phone charger with us (sometimes we will not have one with us), so why do we need to rent a power bank?

  The best answer is life doesn’t really go as planned. Usually, you charge your phone at home, and you charge it again when the battery runs out. Sounds easy, right? Not really!

  Because in real life, you always forget to charge your phone the night before, or you don’t go around with your phone charger everywhere. You would say, it's possible to carry a power bank fully charged when you need it, is that true?

  Well, in our experience these events happen more often than what we are willing to admit they do, so instead of asking ourselves whether we should or not rent a power bank, we would like to ask if it is worth it to go through low-battery anxiety when you can rent a cheap power bank?

  As we know, the rental power bank works with a APP software, we need to download the APP and scan the QR code located on the rental power bank station to rent a power bank. So, what are the requirements for the APP software development?

  Main requirements include:

  1. UI design

  2. Server and database

  3. Payment gateway

  4. Payment methods

  5. Price plan

  6. OTP API (SMS verification)

  7. Push notifications

  8. Google developer account

  9. Apple developer account

  10. Contacts

  For details, please feel free to contact us!