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Does sharing power bank join to make money?

2022-06-23 10:43:03 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      Choice is more than hard work, and the development of a good industry is half the success. Some people always complain about life, complaining that work is too tiring and can’t make money, and they can’t see hope. At this time, they must plan and consider carefully. Good grasp, know too little to worry about being cheated, the traditional industry is too competitive, and it is difficult to develop, choosing the sharing economy to start a business is a good choice, the market is recognized, and the industry is mature, so share the power bank to join to make money?

      Mr. Wang, the agent of STW shared charging treasure in Guangzhou, told us that he had done many projects in the catering industry, clothing industry, convenience stores, etc., and then it was an accidental opportunity. Others came to their restaurants to sell shared charging treasures. If the customer needs it, and he can get the profit share, he agrees. Unexpectedly, since the shared charging treasure was placed, the consumption time of customers has increased, the number of customer orders has increased by 10%, and more than 600 yuan can be allocated a month, which allows Mr. Li to have an agent to share the charging treasure. idea.

      Through multiple understandings, STW shared charging treasure was finally chosen as the agent.

      "There are many brands in the market, only STW is 100% profit-sharing, and the company is quite large. In Shenzhen, I personally visited it and thought it was a long-term cooperation company," said Mr. Li.

      Someone asked him, "Then do you think that the shared power bank can join to make money?"

      "I started to make shared power banks just for the sake of placing them in my store. I bought a few of them. Later, my friends and merchants asked for them, so I slowly bought another batch. Later, I found out that it is easy to make money by making shared power banks. After the shop goes out, there are customers who rent it at any time, and you will get money. It feels much better than doing traditional business. At least you have more free time, you don’t have to stay in the store every day, and you don’t have to worry about the rent of the store and the wages of employees.” Mr. Li is very pleased said.

      Mr. Li said that a set of 6-port STW shared charging treasures will have different benefits depending on the place where they are placed.

      It is placed in the milk tea shop, except for the profit of the merchant, the average daily profit of the agent is about 18 yuan, and the return time is about 3 months.

sharing power bank

      If it is placed in a hospital or a barbecue restaurant, excluding the profit of the business, the agent can earn about 30 yuan per day on average, and the return time is one and a half months.

      It is relatively simple to make a shared power bank, just put the machine, don't worry about the outdated clothing business, the food business is outdated, as long as the shop goes out and someone rents it, there is money in the account, which is still very good, and it feels reliable to do a real business.

      Now the rental unit price of shared power bank is generally more than 2 yuan per hour. With the increase of people's reliance on mobile phones, mobile payment, short video, live broadcast platform, 5G popularization, etc., the shared power bank industry has ushered in the second spring, development After five years of shared charging treasure, the current product has matured and moved towards new development opportunities. It is really a good choice to choose shared charging treasure to join and start a business to make money.