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How to get the shared power bank agent?

2022-06-22 08:50:55 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Now when it comes to shared power bank, everyone is familiar with it. In first- and second-tier cities, this product has become a standard electronic product for merchants and stores. Now there are many people who want to find a sideline development that suits them, so do shared charging. It is a good choice. As long as the machine is out, you can continue to "lay down and earn", so how do you get the shared power bank agent for such a profitable project?

Mr. Wang, the investment promotion director of STW shared power bank, told us that there are two main agency models of shared power bank. One of them is the direct sales model represented by street electricity. The regional investment promotion form requires heavy asset intervention. The general investment cost is 300,000 to 500,000 yuan. If you want to do it as a part-time sideline, you can consider another investment model, such as STW. If you are an agent, you can directly buy equipment, so that you can control investment risks. So how to get STW shared power bank agent?

STW shared power bank agency conditions: buy power bank rental machine equipment

STW shared power bank agency process: purchase equipment, set up a background, store the machine to the merchant after receiving the equipment, and set the merchant's profit sharing ratio

shared power bank

STW shared power bank agent post-maintenance and after-sales service: STW cabinet is guaranteed for 1 year, and the power bank has quality problems for 2 years to be replaced and repaired. The company will have a special after-sales docking group to provide 24-hour service, and the agent only needs to check from time to time in the later stage. Equipment, check the status of the power bank in the background, and adjust the rental fee according to the rental rate.

The shared power bank agent is an asset-light entrepreneurial project, and the product is relatively simple. You only need to take some spare time to run the market, and you can always get the income from the user's rental power bank. It is worth a try.