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Which one is better to join the shared power bank rental machine?

2022-06-22 08:50:16 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Shared power banks have now appeared in various places in our life circle. Whether it is a hospital scenic spot or a restaurant or restaurant KTV, you can see the figure of the charging treasure rental machine. You can rent a charging treasure by scanning your mobile phone. "The mobile phone has electricity. The phrase "I own the whole world" fully expresses the importance of mobile phones, and there are many friends who want to do this business, so which one is better to join the shared power bank rental machine?

Before joining the charging treasure rental machine, look at your own investment cost

①The asset-heavy team invests in the power bank rental machine, which is suitable for the shared power bank in the direct operation mode, such as street electricity and incoming calls.

Generally, the investment cost is about 500,000 yuan, and the team operates.

The advantage is that many people have seen it in the market, and the brand effect is good. Pay the agency fee in the early stage, and get the goods without money.

shared power bank

The disadvantage is that the initial investment cost is high, the return time is long, and if there is already an agent in the place you want to do, you can't do it again. Most of the shared power bank brands in the direct mode are multi-party angel financing, so the maximum profit for the agent is 90%, that is, the customer spends 1 yuan and the agent can get a maximum of 9 gross profit, and 1 gross as the system usage fee. The monthly settlement of profit sharing is not easy to make accounts.

②Light-asset start-up power bank rental machines or those who are new to the sharing industry and want to test the waters, they can choose the model of direct purchase of equipment on the market as an agent. For example, STW can be operated by individuals or small teams. It is more flexible to get goods, and there is no agency fee. Just pay for the equipment.

The advantage is that the threshold is low and everyone can participate. Earnings are settled in seconds, don't press funds. Asset-light intervention can control investment risks by yourself.

The disadvantage is that the market share is lower, and the brand effect is not so strong.

Mr. Wang, the investment director of STW shared power bank, told us that STW shared power bank can act as an agent with a minimum purchase of 1 unit, with a profit of 100%. The customer can scan the code and pay 1 yuan, and the agent can settle 1 yuan in seconds. The power bank can be replaced for 2 years, and the follow-up maintenance cost of the agent is low.

The joining of the charging treasure rental machine depends on the after-sales guarantee of the product

The quality of the product is poor, and there are many problems with the goods that are spread out. It is time-consuming and laborious to deal with.

You can first ask friends who have used the power bank brand you want to investigate or buy a batch of equipment to try the effect, and then formulate the follow-up development plan for the power bank rental machine product.

If you choose to join the power bank rental machine, you must choose a brand that suits you, so as to maximize your own interests. STW shared power bank provides one-stop shared power bank rental machine franchise agency service, welcome your consultation and understanding.